Awaken the Mosquito

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines “awaken” as “to be aware of something.” In this case, awaken to the awareness of sharing ideas and thoughts with complete strangers on a platform with infinite possibilities. These are merely thoughts of an average American woman who writes about technical subjects to pay the bills, but has an inner voice that searches for more meaning to a voice. We live in a world where an opinion or an action can spread in a matter of seconds. These opinions and actions can provoke change, a feeling, and an awaken awareness. My voice may be whisper, but the words of the Dalai Lama resound in my head:

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

I did a quick Google search about mosquitoes and every article create this negative depiction of an insect we may know so little about. “How to get rid” is a few clicks down from the Wikipedia definition. Of course, more than not have experienced an encounter with a mosquito or two which may justify its negative review on the internet. I don’t believe the Dalai Lama meant this thought to shed a literal negative metaphor on how to enact change. This is about a voice in a million, average people who may think their voice doesn’t matter. A good example of this is voting. One vote may seem small, but makes a difference.

Words are also powerful. Words make a difference. Words can influence. A promise to provoke world change is not in the lines of this blog, nor will it be in future ones. But, words that may provoke a positive emotion to someone could make a difference to that person or audience. The goal is to find an audience of similar interests and to share ideas of those interests. We seem to live in a depersonalized world of emails instead of handwritten letters and text messages instead of phone calls. I hope to humanize these blogs to be mindful of a personified tone. My search is to detach from the technicality that is my 9 to 5 and to speak with my own voice. If a laugh is inspired by my mind dump on public display then I’ll accomplish more here than I expect. So with that I’ll say don’t buzz off, but buzz with a purpose to add value to life.


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